Will you answer her prayers?

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Homes with no heat, kitchen shelves with no food, “family” with no love. That’s the reality for most kids before they come to Stella’s Voice.
The idea of living in a home where they will never go cold, never go hungry, seems like an impossible dream.
But it’s not impossible, thanks to friends like you. Because of your support, we are there to make the impossible dream a reality day after day.
But this dream only continues to come true as long as you’re there, and our kids need you now more than ever…
Will you give to keep the impossible dream alive for our precious children? Any gift would be an answer to our prayers—would be an answer to our children’s prayers. I hope I can count on you.
Help us keep providing food, shelter, and clothing to our kids. None of this—not one bit—is possible without financial and prayerful support from people like you.
God bless,

Brian Paterson
Global Director

PS: Please give to keep the impossible dream alive for these kids. Anything you give will be a blessing. Thank you.